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I'm a patient authority, who has had depressive and bi-polar conditions since my early teens. My goal when I speak is to reveal the hidden. To show you something you don't know, about something you know. Things that are hiding in plain sight. My new book "To Be Continued - Flying High while Feeling Low " out later this year, reveals how I hid depression while in C level advertising agency roles. The book illustrates the strategies I used to mask the illness from the workplace. I now speak on the "black light principle", revealing how companies and organisations trigger mental health issues in customers and staff, to normalise mental wellness and create mentally healthy work places . I am a motivational speaker who speaks from real world experience, as a father, an ocean racing sailor and exec.

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"Mike is also one of the best presenters I have ever seen. I specifically asked Mike to come over from Australia to present to our North American leadership about how to properly prepare for a new business opportunity. It was a great presentation and extremely well received". 

Mitch Caplan CMO Y&R NYC. 

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"As one of the world's most respected consumer strategists, his role at my old ad firm was to get deep inside consumers heads and give us insights. He carved out a dynamic career that saw him working on most continents with the world's biggest advertising group whose clients are global household names. A great thinker, an extraordinary presenter and story teller. 

Ian Elliot - Ex CEO George Patterson

The Black Light Principle Series

Black Light Leadership

Who are your new leaders and where are they hiding? 

Creating productive workplaces 

Your communication is hiding what you really want and wasting time.


Black Light Mental Wellness

Your customers are affecting your staff's mental wellness.

What is the modern great depression?

I'm fine.. all good - and other lies we tell at work 

The infantilism of the office 


Black Light Future

We live in the Arithmocracy - do you have the right numbers - what is Red and Blue data?

Is your brand a noun, verb, or purpose ? ...because that still matters.

Social media and your secret life 


Companies contribute to mental wellness issues

dysfunctional circle (pdf)


Key Note Topic summaries

Why do you want to be a leader?

After some two generations of professional leadership tuition and training, it’s time to examine leadership as we head into the next profound decade. 

1.The question is not simply what leadership style do you have or admire? It’s a more basic question, why do you want to be a leader? 

2.Follow that up with another question, are your new leaders hiding and do you know who they are ? 

3.  Finally if you are a leader currently, are you able to assess the current mental wellness of your team and the contribution that wellness makes to productivity ?

Imagine if your workforce all operated at peak? 

They cant, because some 25% of them have mental wellness condition. 

So how do you create a more productive workplace? 

Loss of productivity is described simply as tiredness and forgetfulness at scale.

It’s now at almost a trillion dollars lost each year according to the World Health Organisation. 

28 yrs @ 3 out of 10

I did over 180 advertising agency pitches, worked in New York, London, Shanghai, Singapore, Delhi and Seoul. I worked for the biggest agency group in the world. We won 77% pitches over a ten year period. I worked on many clients who are household names and with people like Dustin Hoffman, Bob Geldof, Lachlan Murdoch and speaking on the same bill as Rudi Gulliani.

I was the Chief Strategy Officer and always the first up on my feet and tasked with the A team to bring home the bacon. 

But I spent 28 years in the ad industry feeling 3 out of ten. 

1.What changes need to be made to the workplace so that this generation does not have to hide their mental wellness as I did, through fear of being professionally prejudiced? 

2.What was the personal cost of driving myself to be “on” all the time, in between the trapeze  every week ?

3.It’s a story I tell, so that my story can change the personal narrative of those that hear it and relate to it. 

Without good mental wellness your firm has over 25 % of its staff operating in pain 

Black Light the Future

We now live in the “Arithmocracy”. Numbers have power previously unthought of. In fact many people don’t follow me but algorithms do. 

We have petabytes of data produced everyday, but much of this is what I call “red” data - un-actionable data. We need to find and focus on “blue”data - actionable data to make progress with our companies. 

Now combine this with future state artificial intelligence and virtual reality. 

Data now can be 3D and recursive and we can bend it. 

Next, let’s add concepts like “machine rights” and trans-human communities. 

But when I currently look out the window I see people walking dogs, and jogging slowly. 

I love to add the human factor to technology. The human reaction and response to social media, disconnection at scale and the role of people in convenience based companies. The future is not linear and never has been. It’s hidden and needs a black light.

So it’s still important to determine in this context is your brand, a noun, a verb or a purpose? Because that counts more than ever. 


Clients have included


Jason Scott Commercial Director NineMSN

Mike delivered an intoxicating mix of insightful opinion, laced with his inherent comic ability, and just enough theatre to ensure he rose above the pack as the stand out speaker

Andrew Wynne Director- Joy

There is no doubt at all that Michael Morrison is a sector expert with deep insight, exceptional vision and rich storytelling ability.

We engaged Michael to assist us with some important suicide prevention work and we were delighted with his contribution on every level.

Michael brought his expertise to bear in a collaborative and caring way that led to confident outcomes and an energised team

I recommend him highly in this area.

Russel Howcroft CCO PwC

"When we worked together we would win. Win the meeting, win the day, the business and the transaction. And always did it with a laugh.  He is a very funny man."


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